Northern lights are awesome

Words cannot describe the beauty and awe one may experience when observing this solar phenomenon in the northern and southern poles.

When electrically charged particles in solar wind interacts with the Earth’s magnetic field, collisions may occur with hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen in our atmosphere. The extracted energy produces auroras, referred to Aurora Borealis in our northern hemisphere.

So, staying north of 2500 km from the north pole gives better views but occasional strong solar storms allow us views farther south when we get away from city lights.

Northern lights (aurora borealis): What they are & how to see them | Space


Should you make the trip to see the aurora borealis perhaps you might consider going to Churchill, Manitoba in October. Why? Because you will experience the incredible up close and personal interaction with polar bears. Undeniably one of the most incredible experiences we shared with our grandsons. The bear pictured below was standing up on his back legs at the end of our “Polar Rover” prior to lying down for a rest in the tundra 3 meters away.

Town of Churchill – Home