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Ballantrae Golf Club Operated by Porcupine Management Ltd.


Contact Information

Phone: 905-640-6333


Opening Hours and Fees

DRIVING RANGE: We will be hitting off the mats until Friday, May 19th.


PACE OF PLAY:  Pace of play is very important to us at Ballantrae Golf Club.  To ensure the enjoyment of all golfers, our expected pace of play for golfers teeing off prior to 10:00 am is 4 hours or less.  Golfers who tee off after 10:00 am are expected to play in 4 hours and 24 minutes or less.

OUTSIDE ALCOHOL POLICY: It is illegal to bring your own alcohol onto golf course property.  If we have reason to believe that you have alcohol in your golf bag, the starter will request to inspect it prior to your tee off time.  The starter will also request to inspect all coolers. If you have your own alcohol with you, you will be required to return it to the vehicle before you tee off.   

WALKING ONLY:  It is walking only Monday to Friday prior to 7:30 am. Carts are not available until 7:30 am.

TICKET HOLDER CART PROMOTION:  Cart rentals are included with a ticket Monday through Thursday after 7:30 am and Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays after 12:00 pm.  Carts are not available prior to 7:30 am Monday through Friday.

TICKET PACKAGES: Currently, sold out but we expect to release more in the late Spring or early Summer. We’ll send a message as soon as they are available.  If you currently own a package you are able to renew your package when you are down to your last couple of tickets.


  • RESTAURANT: The Kitchen is now open.  The Restaurant is open to all resident’s even if you don’t have a tee time.  The Restaurant is open 11:00 am to 7:00 pm daily.  The Kitchen is closed on non-holiday Mondays but we still offer a selection of beverages, hot dogs, sandwiches and snacks.   

As a reminder, access to the golf course is restricted to golfers admitted through the Golf Shop. Entrance on or use of any Golf Course property for any other purpose or activity is strictly prohibited and dangerous due to the risk of serious injury from golf balls, unfenced ponds and other hazards.

Residential Irrigation


  1. Where does my irrigation water come from?
    The irrigation water is supplied from golf course ponds which are filled from
    ground water wells and storm water run off. It is a non-potable water
  2. How does the system operate?
    The system is operated by a central computer which controls a series of valves that open and close to supply the necessary amount of water for healthy turf.
  3. Who manages the system?
    The system is managed by Ballantrae Golf Club, under direction of the Golf
    Course Superintendent.
  4. When does the system run?
    Water cycles are calculated by the central computer which takes into account several factors, including natural rain fall, temperatures and evapotranspiration. This means that there is not a regular set time when your lawn is watered.
  5. How do I know the system is working?
    Is your grass green? Then it’s working! If you notice brown areas it could be anything from low fertility to grubs or chinch bugs but let us know and we will come out and make sure you’re heads are adjusted properly.
  6. Why does my lawn struggle beside the driveway and curbs?
    This area is where the snow is piled when the driveways and roads are cleared. This snow is usually mixed with salt which adversely affects the grass plant’s ability to take up water and nutrients. During periods of high heat and drought, driveways and curbs act as heat conductors that dry out the soil faster than the body of the lawn.
  7. What about my flowers?
    The system is designed to supply the appropriate amount of water to maintain healthy turf. Your flowers (depending on the time of year) may require additional hand watering.
  8. What do I do if a sprinkler head is stuck up when not in use?
    Sometimes heads stick in the up position, gently tap the top and it will pop back down. If it remains up repeatedly, call us and we will repair the head.
  9. Who do I call for repair?
    For any repair e-mail
  10. Am I charged for repair?
    There is no charge for normal repair or adjustment. The homeowner will be charged for any damage that they or their agents cause. There is also a charge for head relocation if you are making alterations to your property.
  11. What is the emergency number for?
    Call the emergency number if:
    – you notice large volumes of water flowing from the turf.
    – water is entering your home.
    – if a sprinkler head runs longer than 2 hours.
    Please be aware that a fee of $90 + HST will apply if you call the emergency
    line outside of regular business hours, and the attending technician deems
    that your situation is not an emergency.