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BSG 2015

Bean Bag Toss

Bean Bag Toss


Gold – Jeane May & Eric Cashen – Condo 3
Silver – Bev O\’Donnell & Tony O\’Donnell – Condo 5
Bronze – Carmella Amato & Domenic Amato – Condo 2


Bean Bag Toss Rules – 2019 Ballantrae Summer Games

Rules Unchanged from 2017.

Dated June 6/17 – revised July 27/17 ( changed rule about switching ends halfway thru 3rd game)

Court Layout

  • Distance between front of each Bean Bag platform set to be 20 feet.
  • Pitcher’s foul line is at the front edge of the Bean Bag platform
  • Pitcher’s box is on each side of the platform and no more than three(3) feet out from the side of the platform

Play of Game

  • A team will consist of two(2) players either mixed or two ladies or two men
  • One contestant of each team pitches from one Bean Bag platform and the other member pitches from the other platform
  • Each game is broken down into innings of play. During each inning of play each contestant must pitch all their Bean Bags.
  • One team should flip a coin and the other team calls heads or tails. The winner chooses what colour bags they want or which team throws first. The looser chooses the remaining option.
  • After each game ( 21 points ) teams should switch ends.

Scoring System

     * A bag in the hole is worth three(3) points. If a bag thrown touches the ground before going in the hole it is a foul. If a bag simultaneously touches both the platform and ground it is a foul and must be removed

    * A bag on the platform is worth one(1) point. If a bag thrown touches the ground before landing on the platform it is a foul and the bag is removed from play.

Delivery of Bean Bags

The first side of contestants alternate pitching Bean Bags until they have thrown all their bags. Then the contestants from the other platform pitch their Bean Bags to complete the inning

Foul Bean Bags

  • Any bag that touches the ground before landing on the platform will be removed
  • If a bag touches the ground and then knocks a bag off the platform it will be removed and the bag that was on the platform will be put back.
  • Any Bean Bag pitched from a different pitcher’s box other than from the first Bean Bag will be removed( you cannot move from one side of the platform to the other between throws)
  • If a bag lands 100% on the platform and then slides down and touches the ground at the front of the platform it still counts and remains in play.

Length of Game

  • The match will be played until the first team reaches or exceeds twenty-one (21) points at the completion of the inning
  • A game does not end in the middle of an inning even if the team that pitches first reaches 21 points. The game cannot end till the other side has pitched all their bags.
  • If there is a tie at 21 points then play continues until one team achieves a higher score at the end of an inning.


  • We will use a cancellation scoring system ex bags in the hole and on the platform from different teams cancel one another
  • The net result from the bags in the hole and on the platform from each team is recorded for the score for the inning. Example: if red team has 3 bags in the hole and blue team has two bags in the hole then team red scores 3 points for that throw. And in the same half inning if red has two bags on the platform and blue has 3 bags on the platform then blue team scores 1 point. So the final score for that half inning would be red=3 and blue=1
  • Each match will consist of the best out of three games
  • Two teams from each Condo will go forward to the finals . The finals will consist of a single elimination format . Each match will consist of the best out of three games.
  • Substitutions can only be made from the list of initial players.
  • A team more than 15 min late for their scheduled match will forfeit their first game and if more than 30 min late will forfeit their match.

For a printable version click on: Bean Bag Toss Rules 2019

For a printable version of the score sheet click on: BBT Score Sheet 2019