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BSG 2015

Bid Euchre

Bid Euchre Rules for the Summer Games 2019

Condition of Contest and Etiquette

In this tournament, seven rounds will be played (if possible). This is a team game with two teams of two people each at each table.

Tables will be assigned a number. Partners will stay together for the entire game. Winners will move up one numbered table. Losers remain at their table, and will remain partners.

One person per table will be chosen by that table group as scorekeeper for that round. The scorekeeper records the points on each person\’s tally sheet which is then initialed by an opposing player after each round. That tally sheet is handed in to the official scorekeeper at the end of the evening. (There will be one tally sheet per TEAM)

Two decks of cards are used, consisting of jacks, queens, kings and aces. (32 cards in total). Any suit will have two (2) right and two (2) left bowers, two (2) aces, two (2) kings and  two (2) queens. When a no trump hand is played, the order runs from aces, kings, queens and jacks. All the suits including no trump have equal ranking.

After the deal is complete, the bid starts with the player to the left of the dealer with each player bidding only once in turn or passing until the final bid is made. The successful bidder has the lead. Anyone making a bid out of turn will lose his/her bid for that hand and their partner cannot bid the same suit or no trump. There will be no table-talking.

A numerical bid must be at least one level higher than the previous bid and must name the number of tricks to be taken and the suit or no trump e.g. Three (3) hearts or five (5) no trump.

In lieu of a numerical bid, a player may make a \”call\” for 1 or 2 cards from their partner (meaning they wish to play the hand alone). The player calling does not state whether it is n a suit or no trump, but just places 1 or 2 cards face down on the table. If the \”call\” becomes the final bid, the bidder then announces trump (or no trump) and puts their partner\’s replacement(s) card(s) in their hand. The bidder may not exchange the discard(s) for the partner\’s replacement card (s). The bidder must win all eight tricks.

A final bidding option is a moon-shot where no help is received from one\’s partner and the bidder must win all 8 tricks playing alone. A call for 1 outranks a call for 2 and a moon-shot outranks all other calls. Only the dealer has the option to override a call or moon-shot by making the same call. The dealer cannot override a numerical bid, but must bid one level higher in the same way as the other players.


(i)   A point is earned for each trick taken by either team.

(ii).  A call for 2 hand is worth 12 points.

(iii)  A call for 1 hand is worth 18 points.

(iv) A moon-shot is worth 24 points.

To count, the team must take at least (more if possible)the tricks bid. In the case of call hands or a moon-shot, the bidder must take all 8 tricks. The opponents receive 1 point for each trick they take. If the bid is successful for calls and a moon-shot, the winning bidder gets 3 stars for a Moon-shot, 2 stars for a  1 call and 1 star for a 2 call to be recorded at the bottom of the bidder\’s tally sheet. These stars will be used in the case of any ties, which may occur in the final score.

If a team fails to take the number of tricks bid, then the amount bid is subtracted from that team\’s score. A failed call or moon-shot results in deductions in proportion to the value of the attempt. For example: one call minus 18 ( a team may end up with a negative score).

Cards must be dealt one at a time in order. A turned up card requires a complete re-deal. All cards should be played out, one card at a time, turned over and stacked once taken.

The first card played in any hand takes precedence over any subsequent similar card played in another hand.

The round ends when each player has dealt twice. The team with the higher score are the winners. The players then rotate.

If a claim is made and the opponents dispute it, the Bid Euchre Captain should be called.

No games will start after 9:15 p.m. At the end of the tournament and after 7 rounds of play the two highest scoring points from each  Condo will be used to determine the winning Condo for the gold, silver and bronze medal. In the event of a tie, the number of stars recorded will be used as the tiebreaker to determine the winners.

Scoring card for a team must indicate what condo they are from.
Pace of play WILL be enforced. If a team is not ready to move when the bell rings, they will be forced to move with the score they have at the ring of the bell.

Have fun, and enjoy the competition!

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