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BSG 2023 Big Bat Baseball 


Sport Captain remarks

Sports Captain is Dennis Carter, email


Condo Sports Captains

Condo 1  – Robert Head, email

Condo 2  – Steve Wilkinson, email

Condo 3  –  Gerry Worbert, email

Condo 4  – Chris Bishop, email

Condo 5  – Dennis Carter, email



We are moving the location of the Big Bat Baseball to the Soccer Field behind the Baseball diamond / Tennis courts behind the Ballantrae Community Centre off of Aurora Road Ballantrae.

Schedule = see BSG Calendar

Sport Rules

Big Bat Baseball (Demo Sport)

If you are looking for a fun event that you do not have to sign up for, come out on Saturday August 26th from 2:00 to 4:00 we are having a demo sport called Big Bat Baseball.  We will be playing on the West side of the Ballantrae Tennis Courts on Aurora Road. 

Teams will be picked from the participants that show up, (no Condo against Condo).  It is a lot of fun and everyone can play.  It does not matter if you know how to play baseball.  If you join you will have fun.  You get a big bat, and you hit a big ball (about 10 inched in diameter) and you try and move around the bases.  You can get players out by catching the ball before it hits the ground, by hitting the batter with the ball or getting the ball to the base before the batter gets there.  The ball is big and soft so if you get hit by it it does not hurt.  It is all about fun.  So mark it on your day time. 

You need a Jumbo Bat and a ball around 10 inches in diameter, a set of 4 bases and a sense of humour. There is no other equipment necessary needed to play. Recommend the players wear a pair of sports shoes and comfortable sports clothing.

Objective of Big Bat Baseball is that you hit the big ball with a big bat and that player tries to run from one base to another without getting out. If a batter successfully makes it around the 4 bases the team that it batting scores a run. 

Teams will be picked by using a draw system. This sport will NOT be divided into Condos for the competition. Teams will each have the same number of players.

Once teams are picked, it must be decided which team will bat or take the field position.  A team captain will flip the bat to see which end of the bat hits the ground first. The other team captain will call large or small. If the team captain guessed correctly they will be allowed to choose the starting position, if they were incorrect then the other team captain gets to choose.

Bases will be similar to regular soft ball but the bases will be closer together.

One team will position their players in the infield and a batter with the bat will stand behind home plate. An assigned pitcher will pitch the ball to the batter and the batter will attempt to hit the ball. Once they hit the ball the batter will attempt to get to a base without getting out.

How can a batter get out.

  • Batter hits the ball and a player on the opposing team catches the ball before it hits the ground
  • Batter hits the ball and while running to the base a player from the opposing team hits them with the ball either by throwing the ball or touching them with the ball
  • Batter hits the ball and the opposing team gets the ball to a base before the player gets to the base (as in regular soft ball rules the players must be in a position where they must get to the next base when the ball is hit, referred to as a forced play)
  • Batter continues to bat until they get a hit. (There are no strike outs)

When a team gets 3 outs the team in the field takes the position of the batting team and the batting team takes fielding position.

All members of a team must bat. The team captain will make up a batting line up.