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BSG 2023 Pickleball


BSG Games Captain remarks

Sport Captain is Dennis Carter, email


Condo Sports Captains

Condo 1  – Neil Fyfe, emal

Condo 2  – Bruce Forty, email

Condo 3  – Zoltan Hartai, email

Condo 4  – Alana Hamilton, email

                     Judy Rose,  email

Condo 5  –  Vicki Carter, email



Games will be held at the Dedicated Pickleball Courts at Memorial Park at 2 Park Dr. in Stouffville, L4A 4K1


Pickleball Mixed Doubles on Tuesday August 22th. Registration at 12:15 with play from 1:00 to 4:00

Pickleball Men’s Doubles and Women’s Doubles on Thursday August 24th. Registration at 12:15 with play from  1:00 to 4:00

Sport Rules

Each Condo can enter

  • 2 Men’s Teams
  • 2 Women’s Teams
  • 2 Mixed Teams

Thus there could be 10 teams in each division

The Pickleball event will be a Round Robin Format.  Each team will play all other teams in their bracket once.  Each game will be first to 11 points, win by one point.

If more than 3 teams in each division the division will be divided into two pools and every team in that pool will play against each other

Teams will be picked for the pool at random once they have all registered the day of the finals.

Teams with the most wins go to the playoffs

If a tie, team with the most points goes to the playoffs

If a tie, how each team did against each other, winner goes to the playoffs