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BSG 2023 Snooker


 BSG Games Captain remarks

Sport Captain is Robert Van Os, email


Condo Sports Captains

Condo 1  – Parmod Malik, email

Condo 2  – Steve Wilkinson, email

Condo 3  –  Doug Bonar, email

Condo 4  – Earl Cleary, email

Condo 5  –  Robert Van Os, email


Each condo can enter as many teams as they like.
There will be two divisions:
A Division consisting of A and B players
B Division consisting of C and D players
All teams will be entered into a one game round robin format with one division in A and two in the B group
The top three teams in A will qualify for the playoffs with the top team receiving a bye to the
In the B group, the top two teams in each division will qualify for the playoffs
Each match will be one game with no ties (ties are broken with a black ball tiebreaker).
In the event of ties at the end of the round robin, the tiebreaker is head to head unless this
would mean elimination from the tournament (3rd/4th in A and 2nd/3rd in B) in which case there will be a sudden death playoff game to determine the winner.
The purpose of this competition is to get plenty of play and enjoy yourselves!

BSG 2023 Final Round Robin Snooker Standings
BSG 2023 Snooker Playoff Schedule