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BSG 2015

August 17th - August 25th Participate ● Have Fun ● Be Amazing

Summer Games Trophy

Congratulation to Condo 2, winners of the overall Trophy, and in particular to Condo Captains Bruce & MC Porter!

Summer Games Results

All results have now been posted. Just click on the individual Sport listed below.
If anyone\’s name is misspelled, please let us know and it will be corrected promptly.

Summer Games Photos

To view 5 pages of photos of the Summer Games, just click/tap on the Games heading at the top of this page. Galleries are organized by the date of the Event, with the most recent ones in Photos 5. These photos will remain available through January 2020. 

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Select Your Sport

Click/tap on any sport from the list below to open its page.
Please note that not all individual Sport pages have been updated for 2019.

* New sports for 2019. 

CLICK HERE for a printable/downloadable version of the BSG 2019 Master Schedule.
CLICK HERE for a printable/downloadable version of the BSG 2019 Organization Chart.

Condo Captains

Condo 1 Art Stefan
Stew Cannon
Peter & Jane Stewart
Condo 2 Bruce & MC Porter 416-900-9007
Condo 3 Ollie Smolak 905-642-0690
Condo 4 Margo Pilar
Jenny Gould
Condo 5 Sam Guadagnolo 
Bill & Gail Knaggs
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We have a SUMMER GAMES Email List comprised of all participants from the 2019 Summer Games.

If you wish to be included in all future emails for the 2021 Summer Games, email with your address, phone number and Condo #.