Computer Club Agenda for May 21st

The next Computer Club meeting will be held next Tuesday at our Rec Centre from 7:30PM until 9:00PM. Planned topics include:

  1. Most of us have either an Amazon Alexa or Google Home Voice Assistant device in our home to tell us about the weather, help us in the kitchen with recipes, give us a recap of the latest news, play music etc. If you have an Apple iPhone or iPad, then you also have access to another Voice Assistant called Siri. All these devices have one characteristic that Apple decided to improve: the quality of the sound they produce when they are playing music. The result is a “Super Voice Assistant” known as the Apple HomePod. In addition to having “Siri built in”, it also produces amazing quality audio. This session will demonstrate the HomePod competing with several models of the Amazon and Google products. As they say, “You have to hear it to believe it”. Don’t miss this “Audio Extravaganza”.
  2. When I sent out a recent email about the BGCC Casino Niagara bus trip for next Thursday May 23, I promised to demonstrate a couple of interesting betting strategies that have been used by myself and several BGCC residents on previous trips. We’ll test these strategies during this session and there will be handouts to refresh your memory when the time comes to “Place Your Bet”. All Casino Bus Trip participants are encouraged to attend this session to prepare for our attempt to “Break the Bank” on Thursday.
  3. Brian is unavailable for this meeting, but promises to continue his “Email Tutorial” next month.
    Grab your gambling and/or audio friends and join us on Tuesday evening. The Computer Club is free for all BGCC residents and their invited friends to attend and no club membership is required. You may want to jot down notes on the handouts, so bring a pen or pencil.

Hope to see you on Tuesday.
Al (PC Doctor and Igniter)