January Computer Club Meeting

It’s time to have our New Year Computer Club kickoff meeting, which will be held next Tuesday Jan 21 at our Rec Centre from 7:30PM until 9:00PM.  Planned topics include:


1.   The January meeting is always fun since we have the opportunity to review and demonstrate all the cool new gadgets we received during the holidays.  This year we will be featuring items for the kitchen, garage, air travel, bedroom and den.  You will have to attend to find out what they are and how they’re used!


2.   The Windows 10 operating system from Microsoft has been with us now for some time since its public release in mid 2015.    While there are still many users of previous operating system versions, and Windows 7 in particular, the majority of us by now are operating in a Windows 10 environment.    For the majority of us, there really isn’t that much of a difference.  We thought it would be worthwhile to pass along a few tips that might be useful, either to save you some time, improve your experience, or to avoid some frustration.   For those still running with Windows 7, you can continue to do so happily for some time to come, should you wish to do so, despite the “end of life” declaration by Microsoft.


3.   “Hi John, hope you are having a great day.   I was wondering if you could do me a favour?”       By now, perhaps the majority of us have received at least one if not several of these invitations from our “friends”.   By all means, go ahead and respond.    If you have, well, you know what’s next.    Unfortunately, most who know what’s next are often too embarrassed to admit it.     Let’s make sure that nobody from our Computer Club falls into that trap!   So please come and learn all about it.   You will save both your pride and your pocketbook.


We are back in the larger Middle Room with the projection screen, so everyone should be able to see more easily.  We suggest you bring something to write on in case you want to take notes.


Attendance at the Computer Club is free for all BGCC residents and their accompanied guests.  No membership is required, just come out and enjoy the evening!


Al (PC Doctor & Igniter)

Brian (Ballantrae Geek)