July Computer Club Meeting

After a one month break, the BGCC Computer Club is \”back in action\” this month. The meeting is scheduled for next Tuesday evening July 16 from 7:30PM until 9:00PM at our Rec Centre. Planned topics include:

1. Despite the low price tag, there appears to be surprisingly few voice activated assistants like the Amazon Echo or Google Home in homes throughout Ballantrae. Why surprising? Because in a community such as ours, one might expect to see precisely the opposite. Perhaps many have come away with the impression that these are somewhat frivolous little devices or “gimmicks” that we can easily live without. If that sounds at all familiar you are encouraged to attend this computer club meeting where you will see why so many others have adopted these devices as incredibly versatile time, convenience and, yes, even life saving tools!

2. You will frequently hear the term \”Bluetooth\” referred to but can you explain to someone just what the heck it is. Well, you are in luck if you attend this session as we will discuss and demonstrate this interesting technology. You will see it is incorporated in many of our devices these days and its importance in our daily lives.

Come one, come all to this free Computer Club meeting which is open to all BGCC residents and their friends. No membership required … just join us next Tuesday.

Al (PC Doctor & Igniter)
Brian (Ballantrae Geek)