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BSG 2015



Men 60-64
Gold – John Cripps – Condo 1
Silver – Peter Stewart – Condo 1

Men 65-69
Gold – John Allardyce – Condo 2
Silver – Bruce Forty – Condo 2
Bronze – Ross Lysecki – Condo 1

Men 70-74
Gold – Brian Booth – Condo 5
Silver – Terry Coulson – Condo 5
Bronze – Peter Sims – Condo 2

Men 75-79
Gold – Jim Brett – Condo 1
Silver – Wilf Bradbury – Condo 4
Bronze – Bill Balfour – Condo 1

Men 80+
Gold – Ray Briggs – Condo 4
Silver – Ken MacKay – Condo 1
Bronze – Ron Brewing – Condo 2

Women 65-69
Gold – Margaret Lysecki – Condo 1
Gold – Jane Keast – Condo 2 – tied
Bronze – Katherine Fong – Condo 5

Women 70-75
Gold – Vicki Carter – Condo 5
Silver – Ann Baker – Condo 2
Bronze – Nancy Clarke – Condo 1

Women 75-79
Gold – Christel Van Richter – Condo 1
Silver – Therese Skinner – Condo 1
Bronze – Margaret Rochon – Condo 3

Women 80+
Gold – Monica Cocker – Condo 2
Silver – Kay Corlett – Condo 3


Cycling Events

No changes from 2017.

Cycling is based on individual time trials. Depending upon age category, each rider will complete 1, 2, or 3 laps of Masters North and South, riding in a clockwise direction. The start and finish line is located at the NE corner of the Rec Centre parking lot. A gold, silver and bronze medal will be awarded for the fastest time in each age category.

For the one lap event, riders will set out one at a time, at one minute intervals. For the 2 and 3 lap events, riders will set out two at a time, at one minute intervals.


Cycling will use the same age categories as other summer games events.


LADIES – 70-74; 75- 79; 80+

MEN – 70-74; 75-79; 80+


LADIES – 60-64; 65-69

MEN – 60-64; 65-69


LADIES – under 60

MEN – under 60


All riders must register and get a number to be affixed to their person. All 70+ riders will be asked to line up first near the start line. A volunteer will record their number and direct them, one at a time, to the starting line. The starter will position the rider and set them off: “on your mark, GO”. The rider will cross a finish line near the start line, where the same volunteer will record the lap time. The volunteer will give the rider number and time to the scorekeepers.

Once the 70+ riders have all finished, the 2 lap group will line up near the start line. Volunteers will take a pair of riders, record their numbers, and direct them to the start line. As this is a 2 lap race, it is very important to ensure that riders finishing their 1st lap, be careful of new riders just starting (every effort will be taken by the starter to avoid potential conflict). On completion of the 2nd lap, the “assigned” volunteer will take the rider’s number and time to the scorekeepers.

Once the 2 lap group has all ridden, the 3 lap group will be asked to line up near the start. The same procedure as for the 2 lap race will occur.


Safety is always paramount. The following rules are MANDATORY:

Helmets are mandatory. No helmet, no race.

Obey course marshals.

Pass on the left side.

Be careful at the finish line. It is on the LEFT SIDE to avoid contact with starting riders.

Once finished, get off the course and away from the finish line to avoid conflict.


At this time, the cycling events are scheduled for Monday, August 19, 2019, from 10 AM to completion.