Derecho and hurricane update to May 22, 2022 blog 12 June 2022_Derecho

The Northern Tornadoes Project (NTP) from the University of Western Ontario updated additional information for the derecho which devastated parts of Ontario and Quebec on 21 May 2022. (1,2) Embedded hurricanes have been identified as Enhanced Fujita scale EF-2 with winds of 179-218 kilometers/hour (km/hr) in the following communities:

  1. Uxbridge
  2. Ottawa; regions of Navan-Sarsfield

The following communities suffered damage from EF-1 tornadoes with winds of 138-178 km/hr:

  1. London; two EF-1 tornadoes identified
  2. Hammond, Glenburn and Plantagenet scattered EF-1 damage
  3. Scattered EF-1 damage in parts of Quebec

Sadly 11 people were killed attributable to the storm

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