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BSG 2015

Duplicate Bridge


Team Bridge
Gold – Condo 3 – Olly Smolak, Donna Powers, Doug Farmer and Margaret Farmer.
Silver – Condo 2 – Judy Aikman, Dave Farlow, Lloyd Pinnock and Bob Ysseldyk.
Bronze – Condo 1 – Gayle Connor, Peter Willan, Dorothy Quinn and Jacie Clark.

Open Pairs – North/South
Gold – Donna Powers, Doug Farmer – Condo 3
Silver – Oily Smolak, Margaret Farmer – Condo 3
Bronze – Judy Aikman, Dave Farlow – Condo 2

Open Pairs – East/West
Gold – Gayle Connor, Peter Willan – Condo 1
Silver – Dorothy Quinn, Jade Pom – Condo 1
Bronze – Mary Hallam, Donna Clark – Condo 1

Duplicate bridge is the most widely used variation of contract bridge in club and tournament play. It is called duplicate because the same bridge deal i.e. the specific arrangement  of the 52 cards into the four played at each table and scoring is based on relative performance.

Revised for 2019

There will be 2 events.

The first event will be a Pairs Game, which will be at 10.00 a.m. on Tuesday August 20th.

The second event will be a Round Robin Swiss where each Condo will enter 1 team of 4 players, and that will take place at the Rec. Centre on Saturday, August 24th at 10.00 a.m. IMP scoring will be used.