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BSG 2015



Gold Medal – Val &Alan Burton – Condo 4
Silver Medal – Barbara & Pat Jannetta – Condo 2
Bronze Medal – Marlene Eagan & Michelle Bondy – Condo 1

Summer Games 2019 Euchre Rules

The only change from 2017 is underlined in Rule 13.

  1. At the beginning, the cards are dealt face-up until the first Jack is dealt; the player receiving the first Jack deals.
  2. If the dealer chooses to pick up the trump card he/she must have at least 1 other trump (the left bower cannot count as the other trump card).
  3. If, on the second round designed to name a trump no one names a trump, then the dealer must call the trump. The original trump that was turned down cannot be recalled in any circumstances.
  4. If a player has no face card, no ace and no trump (after trump has been determined), he/she can “fold” and the same dealer deals a new hand.
  5. If a misdeal occurs (e.g., a card dropped on the floor, an incorrect number of cards distributed) then the deal must be re-dealt by the original dealer.
  6. If a player orders his/her partner up, then that player must go alone.
  7. If maker fails to get at least 3 tricks, then he/she is euchred (2 points go to the other team).
  8. If a maker chooses to go alone and gets all 5 tricks, then maker’s team gets 4 points.
  9. A maker who does not go alone and yet gets all 5 tricks receives 2 points for his/her team.
  10. If a player realizes (or is told) that he/she has reneged (“revoked”) before that particular trick has been turned and quitted, the player can withdraw his/her card and follow suit as he/she wishes with no penalty. However, if a revoke by a team is discovered after the trick has been finished, two points are awarded to the opposing team, and no points can be awarded for that deal to the offending team.
  11. There must be no table talk relating to the game. For example, a partner may not in any way hint that the other partner should play low because he/she knows that they have already won the trick. The normal penalty for inappropriate table talk is 1 point to the opponent, but one warning is allowed. Casual talk (weather, grandchildren etc.) is allowed.
  12. The Euchre Games Captain (or Condo Captain for playdowns) has the final say on the rules, which will be governed by “The Official Rules and Laws of Euchre” from as amended by these BGCC rules.
  13. The tournament winner is the pair with the most points (not wins) at the end of the tournament. Silver and Bronze follow based on same application.
    Tiebreaker is:
    1. The winner of a head to head match.
    2. If no head to head match, then all tied win the appropriate medal.

For a printable version click on Euchre Rules.