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BSG 2015

Fun Games


Gold – Mary Bresser – Condo 1
Silver – Jane Keast – Condo 2
Bronze – Wilf Bradbury – Condo 4

Fun Games - Saturday August 17, 2019

You will always be competing against another player. 
Depending on number of registrants, format will be either double knock out or straight knock out. 

Movin’ on Up
Using your hands only move the blue cup from the top all the way down and back to the top.

This Blows
Blowing up a balloon and using the expelling air to knock red cups off the edge of a table.

Suck it Up
Moving 15 Smarties from one plate to another using only a straw.

Stack Attack
Starting from a stack of cups form a pyramid with 15 cups and then dismantle the pyramid stacking the cups.

Separation Anxiety
From a jumble of five mixed coloured Smarties, sort into five individual colours.

Have Fun!