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BSG 2015



Ladies Putting

Gold – Lyn Brewer – Condo 2
Silver – Terry MacKenzie – Condo 5
Bronze – Maureen Morris – Condo 5

Men\’s Putting


Ron Kaighin – Condo 4


Dave Farlow – Condo 2
Hans Mueller – Condo 2


Martin Harrison – Condo 2
John Lind – Condo 1

Ladies Pitching


Susan Bishop – Condo 4


Elaine Walsh – Condo 2
Jane Keast – Condo 2
Judy Grandin – Condo 2
Lyn Brewer – Condo 2
Shirley Hughes – Condo 5


Sheilagh MacDonald – Condo 1
Corrine Terin – Condo 2
Lorraine Farro – Condo 2
Kay Corlett – Condo 3
Vicki Carter – Condo 5

Men\’s Pitching


Ron Mikitish – Condo 1
Iggy Natoli – Condo 4


Larry Naccarato – Condo 1
Ken Grasby – Condo 2
Jim Murray – Condo 2
Herb Rempel – Condo 3
Dan Hill – Condo 3


Rich Grandin – Condo 2
Martin Harrison – Condo 2
John Allardyce – Condo 2
Jim Osmond – Condo 2
Earl Cleary – Condo 4
John Bell – Condo 4
Rob Sculthorp – Condo 5
Romie Lat – Condo 5
Ello Palermo – Condo 5

Ladies 3 Hole 3 Club


Lorraine Farro – Condo 2
Linda Messner – Condo 5
Denise Cloutier – Condo 2

Men\’s 3 Hole 3 Club


Romie Lat – Condo 5
Ross Lysecki – Condo 1
Bruce Black – Condo 5
Bryan Black – Condo 4
Jack Corcoran – Condo 4
Terry Calder – Condo 4

9 Hole Mixed Scramble – Front Nine

Gold – Condo 2 – John Allardyce, Dave Farlow, Ray Knight, Lorraine Woo
Silver – Condo 4 – Sherrie Adam, Mike Adam, Jack Corcoran, Blair Tullis
Bronze – Condo 5 – Maureen Morris, Scott Morris, Keith Phillips

9 Hole Mixed Scramble – Back Nine

Gold – Condo 2 – Jim Adderley, Lori Adderley, Glen Hills, Sandra Hills
Silver – Condo 4 – Maureen Zinner, Joe Zinner, Jay Adams, Bryan Black
Bronze – Condo 4 – Chris Bishop, Susan Bishop, Earl Cleary, Ray Stadnick

Golf 2019

These are the exciting and fun Golf Events in which to participate and win a medal.

  1. 9 Hole Mixed Scramble
  2. Ladies 3 Club-3 Hole, to be played on Holes 1-2-3
  3. Men`s 3 Club – 3 Hole, to be played on Holes 1-2-3
  4. Ladies Pitching to a Pitching Basket and Putting
  5. Men`s Pitching to a Pitching Basket and Putting

9 Hole Mixed Scramble – Tuesday August 20

4 person team scramble BEST BALL.

Each team must have one woman and one man minimum.

All players tee off from their respective tee box, Men from Red Tees and Women from the Gold Tees.

Choose ONE of the four balls and everyone on the team hits from that spot. Repeat the same format until a ball is in the hole.

Team with two men and two women MUST use minimum of 2 shots for each player off the tee.

Team with 3 men and one woman: the woman Must use 3 shots off the tee and the men two each.

Team with 3 women and one man MUST use minimum of two shots for each player off the tee.

Teams with only 3 players,  each person will play 2 balls for 3 holes. (e.g. player one will play 2 balls on holes 1-4-7. Player two plays 2 balls  on holes 2-5-8 and player three will play 2 balls on holes 3-6-9.  Each player must use 3 shots off  the tee.

One score per hole will be recorded. The score for the hole will be recorded under the name of the player whose drive was used. The scores of the nine holes played will be added and the completed scorecard turned into the pro shop.

ENTRY FEE:   $34 + HST per person or one ticket will cover two golfers.


3 Club 3 Hole Individual Event- Mon. August 19; Wed. Aug 21; Thurs Aug 22

Players may play on any of the 3 days between 4-6 PM. Players must check in at Pro Shop and then proceed to 1st tee. Only your first round will be counted.

Play holes 1-2-3. Women play from Gold Tees, Men play from Red Tees.

Each player plays their own ball until all 3 holes are completed.

Each player is allowed to play with only 3 clubs. Only 3 clubs allowed on the course.

Upon completion of the three holes, player will add total gross score and return their card to the Pro Shop

Entry Fee    None


Pitching and Putting – Individual Event

Mon. Aug 19; Wed. Aug 21; Thurs. Aug 22  between 4-6PM

Pitching at Driving Range.  Putting on Putting Green.  




The Pitching event will be held on east side of Driving Range. Women will be pitching 15 yards into a Pitching Basket. Men will be pitching 25 yards.

Each participant will be given 3 balls to pitch and accumulate points. Points are scored by # of balls pitched into the basket targets. Each player will have 3 balls as warm up.

Total score from the 3 balls pitched will be recorded.

No Entry Fee



Putting contest takes place on putting green outside the Pro Shop.

A nine hole putting course must be completed. Number of putts to complete the  nine hole course will be recorded.

Each player must also  compete in the Putting Board contest. Each player will be given 3 balls to putt into contest board to accumulate points.

Total points from 9 hole course plus the Putting Board Contest will be used to establish winners.


REGRESSION SCORING will be used in the Scramble and 3 hole events to break possible ties at the conclusion of  these events.

Make sure you have fun and enjoy the competition.

For a printable copy please click: BSG Golf 2019