It’s that special “sugary time of the year”

With the holiday season approaching us several people often get together with family and friends. Along with this wonderful social experience comes the temptation of sugar-laden foods that many of us are addicted to, even if we are unaware of the powerful forces our brains are exerting outside of our conscious control. Therefore, having a plan in place prior to enjoying some company can go a long way. 

One approach is to eat prior to going to a party or friends’ homes. High quality protein makes you the least hungry (satiety), with healthy fat coming in a close second. The easiest way to achieve this is by eating animal based whole foods like chicken, beef, fish, and eggs which are also the most nutrient dense. Vegetarians can consider tofu and above ground non-starchy vegetables. 

The second approach involves NOT drinking your calories. If alcohol is in your plans, consider a glass of wine instead of a sugar-laden sweet drink. Sparkling water can also help you feel fuller being sugar and calorie free. Drinking your carbonated water with your protein-rich meal can also help with satiety. 

A useful app you can download for free will help you choose foods which are less likely to raise your blood glucose level. Are you aware of the fact that any more than 1 teaspoon of glucose (approximately 5 grams) in your blood volume of 5 litres is toxic? Chronically elevated insulin levels attempting to lower your blood glucose may eventually lead to Type 2 diabetes (T2D). The Freshwell app is easy to use and provides tons of useful information with great infographics on sugar contents of common foods.

Freshwell App

For a fun easy to understand app that may greatly enhance your health consider downloading this on your phone or iPad – App – Freshwell Low Carb Project (

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season.