Smart Technology Club – Dark Web (July 18th 7:30 pm)

Whether you refer to it as the dark web or something else,  we all need to acknowledge that there is the high likelihood that our personal information is “out there”, meaning in the hands of those it shouldn’t be.   And through no fault of our own!   But more likely as a result of the seemingly countless number of organizations and businesses whose systems have been compromised over the years.   Those same businesses and organizations that are holding your personal information; everything from your driver’s license, health card, banking and credit card information and, quite possibly, your social insurance number as well!

Thankfully, there are a host of free apps and tools available and have been enhanced to help us stay on top of activity that might be taking place under our names, especially those that can have a financial impact!     For our next Smart Technology Club session, we will focus solely on this important subject.    As Al is away for this session, Brian will step us through several key tools and apps we can all use to help us keep on top of changes, transactions and activities taking place that we might otherwise be unaware of.  Detection is absolutely key when one has so little control over the prevention side of things.    So, let’s get at it this coming Tuesday July 18th, 7:30PM at the Rec Centre.

 Please forward this Agenda on to your neighbours that may not be on our distribution list and might be interested in this topic.  Attendance is free to all BGCC residents and their accompanied friends.  There is no membership required; just come out and enjoy meeting those with similar interests.  Bring your phone and/or tablet if you want to download any apps presented using the new Rec Centre Wi-Fi network.

Brian (Ballantrae Geek)

Al (PC Doctor)