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BGCC Tennis

BGCC Tennis Club 2023

Welcome to BGCC Tennis 2023!  If you are new to our Community or are interested in becoming a member, here is what you need to know.

The BGCC Tennis Club is set up to play no-stress and fun tennis.  The club has organized its activities around members playing at their respective calibre of tennis so there are no mismatches and everyone is comfortable playing with each other.  Check out our list of activities and events and I am sure you will want to include yourself with this exciting club!

This year’s membership fees are as follows:

  • Membership fees: 60.00 dollars
  • New Members: 40.00 dollars
  • Social Members (Non Playing Members) 25.00 dollars
  • Over eighty: No Fee but may choose to voluntarily donate the membership fee.

Brian Morris

BGCC Club President