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BSG 2023 Timed Chess


 BSG Games Captain remarks

Sport Captain is Parmod Malik, email


Condo Sports Captains

Condo 1  – Slavko Radek, email

Condo 2  –  no participants

Condo 3  – no participants

Condo 4  – no participants

Condo 5  –  Gary Billington, email


Schedule = see BSG Calendar


Sport Rules


  1. You will have an option to choose the colour of Chess piece;
  2. There will be a 30 minute clock period for each participant;
  3. You will need to stop your own side of the clock after a move;
  4. You will win if you either checkmate your opponent within the allotted time or your opponent’s time runs out to zero before yours;
  5. Winner gets a score of 2 and the loser a score of zero; and
  6. A tie (of score) will be played again to decide a winner.

Click to see the Timed-Chess-Results