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BSG 2023 Walk / Run

 BSG Walking Sport Captain   –  Gillian Blake  –

                                         –  Home:  905-642-8189    Cell:  647-639-8189


Condo Sports Captains

Condo 1 – Stew Cannon, email

Condo 2 – John Allardyce, email

Condo 3 –  Lynne Arnott (Walking only), email

Condo 4 – Brenda Lewis, email and Carol Lanning, email

Condo 5– Vicki Carter, email


Schedule = see BSG Calendar

Sport Rules

Walking/Running Events

Our goal is to increase participation by including a variety of walking/running events for men and women in different age groups.  While friendly competition is encouraged, these events will appeal to the non-competitive walkers as well.


Individual Events

Ladies: 3K walking , Under 60, 60-64 years, 65-69 years, 70-74 years

                1.50K walking, 75-79

                1K walking, over 80

               1K walking, over 90     


Men’s:   3K walking, Under 60, 60-64 years, 65-69 years, 70-74 years

               1.50K walking, 75-79

               1K walking, over 80

              1K walking, over 90

                3K run, any age


              3K Ladies (4 per team) Relay, any age

             6K Men’s (6 per team) Relay, any age

Mixed Events

6K Relay

  1. 6 person 6K Walking Relay (each member walks 1K)
  2. There will be no age restrictions for the 6 team members
  3. Each Condo can enter as many teams as they can organize but entrants can only compete for one team  
  4. Team members will pass a baton after each 1K segment     
  5.   This will be a mixed event, a mix of age groups is also preferred
  6. Substitution to teams making the finals must be approved by all Condo walking/running captains and will only be considered for illness, injury or absence from the community. The substitute must have taken part in a qualifying heat. 
  1. Mixed Relays must be made up of a mixture of men and women, 3 of each gender.


10 person 3K Pursuit Relay

  1. Each condo enters a team of 10, each member walks 3K (there are no age or gender restrictions in this event)
  2. The 1st member of each team will be started together,   there will then be a 10 second interval between each successive group of 5 walkers (1 from each team)
  3. Each competitor walks 3K (1 circuit of the Masters Circle)
  4. Each competitor will receive a number as they finish that indicates the position of their finish (1 thru 50)
  5. The medal winning teams with be determined by the lowest accumulated scores.


The toe of your back foot must remain in contact with the ground until your front foot heel touches the ground.

Running/Jogging is not allowed; anyone deemed in violation will be penalized. 


All Walking and Running events will be held on Masters North and, Masters South, 3K events are once around the circle and 6K events are twice around the circle.  All events start and finish at the Recreation Centre.

The 1.50K and 1K walks will only go part way around Masters North and return to the Rec Centre.


In the heats, each walker will receive a number as they finish. The 8 fastest finishers will advance to the final.

In the final the 1st finisher gets the gold medal, 2nd finisher gets the silver medal and the 3rd finisher gets the bronze medal.


See Master Schedule on the website –

Click to see the Walk-Men-and-Ladies-3K-and-6K-Relay Results

Click to see the Walking-Mens 1K and 1.25 K-Results

Click to see the Walking-Ladies 1K, 1.25K and 3K-Results.

Click to see the Walking-Mixed-6K-Relay-Results

Click to see the Running-Ladies-3K-Results

Click to see the Running-Mens-3K-Results

Click to see the Walking-3K-Mixed-Pursuit-Results