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Classified Ads – Terms and Conditions

This ‘Electronic Bulletin Board’ is for residents of the BGCC Community.

  • March 6th – There was an attempted scam on an item listed on our classifieds page. Fortunately the seller was alert and cut off communications. Be alert and aware.
  • Classifieds has implemented the following policies:
    • Classifieds is for use by verified BGCC residents only.  Please include your full name, address and Condo number when submitting requests.
    • All items must be for sale of personally-owned items or purchase of items for personal use only.  No commercial transactions are allowed.
    • We will only list items above $25
    • We will also list giveaway items, i.e., free
  • Submissions of ‘items for sale’ – ‘items wanted’ – ‘information requested’ and ‘help wanted’ etc will be posted.
  • There is no charge for this service.
  • This site does not post commercial ads.  If you wish to promote your services, please consider an ad in Home on the Green as well as the dedicated Binder in the Rec Centre library.
  • Pictures are fine, limit of 4 per ad.  All large photos are reduced to 1200×900 pixels (approx. 400 KB).  Please Attach (paperclip symbol) your photos to the email so they remain full-sized as some apps shrink photos dramatically.
  • We will run your ad for two months, and then it will be deleted.  If you are successful before that, kindly let us know.
  • To list items or to change listings, email:  with your name, address, Condo number, email and/or phone number.
  • Postings will be reviewed by an editor and webmaster who will reserve the right not to post and who will not be responsible for accuracy or content on this page.

Note: If you see a price highlighted in red e.g. $200, it means that the price has been reduced.