Computer Club March 19, 2019

Brian and I would like to thank the more than 70 Computer Club attendees at Tuesdays meeting (a new attendance record) for joining us for this important topic. Many who could not attend said they wished they could have been there. Well, good news! Attached you will find the presentation charts we used in the discussion. We hope you find them helpful.

Al (PC Doctor & Igniter)
Brian (Ballantrae Geek)

Follow-up Posted March 24, 2019

Attn: BGCC Residents

The current biggest scam impacting York, Durham, Peel and Halton Regions:

Shoulder Surfing/Distraction Thefts

Bad guys usually work in teams

One member will stand behind a consumer at a grocery check out, peering over their shoulder to capture them entering their PIN number

They will signal success to another team member, who will follow the consumer out of the store

Once outside, they will:

Pick pocket the victim’s wallet from their purse if easily accessible
Bump them, causing them to drop their purse or be distracted while they steal their wallet
Watch while the victim puts their purse in their car
Quickly bank on the car claiming, “it’s on fire”, or they “have a flat”
While they get out to investigate, another team member will steal the unattended purse
They then will go to the nearest ATM and wipe out the card they’ve stolen the PIN on.

They then go through every other card in the wallet hoping they share the same PIN and do the same.

There have been over 100 cases so far this month alone in the region.



Be aware of your surroundings, especially someone behind you.

Don’t use the same PIN on multiple cards.

Jane Philpott, M.P. Markham – Stouffville, published the following phone number in her recent mailout:

Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre – If you want to report a fraud, or believe you have been a victim of identity theft: 1-888-495-8501