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BSG 2015



Gold – Wins 7 Losses 0 – Pat &Bruce Wood – Condo #1
Silver – Wins 6 Losses 1 – Dee McCain & Bill Brown – Condo #5
Bronze – Wins 5 – Losses 2 – Lynda &Terry Coulson (-15 points) – Condo #5

The Game of Cribbage

Conditions of Contest and Etiquette – Ballantrae Summer Games 2019

No changes from 2017

Specific Rules

All contests follow Generally Accepted Rules of Cribbage.

All contests are 4-person tables playing as pairs, one ‘moving pair” and one “stationary” pair.

The deck is cut to determine the first dealer.

The first pair to reach 121 is the winner. Skunk values are not used when determining winning margins.

No muggins.

No go point for 31.

Runs are as they lay: they do not have to have been played in number sequence as long as they do not surpass 31, count as 1 point each. If within this run you manage to also achieve adding to 15 or 31, you will add 2 more points. It is permitted to win by pegging out.

Nibs cannot be counted after dealer reaches 115.

Each pair keeps their own scorecard to check with the master Recap kept by the Tournament Director.

The tournament winner is the pair with the most number of wins at the end of the tournament. 
Silver and Bronze follow based on same application.
Tiebreaker is:

1. The winner of a head to head match. 
2. If no head to head match, then lowest total of losing points wins. 
3. If still a tie, then all win appropriate medals. 

The duration of the tournament will be 7 games (depends on timing).

The Tournament Director should be called upon for any disputes or clarity of play/rules.

The Final Round – Wed. August 14, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.

No play downs required.