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disabled people

Medical Equipment for Loan

Several members of our community have indicated that they have various pieces of medical equipment (assistive devices) that they are prepared to lend out to other members of the community.   Items include canes, crutches, walkers and the like.

Here’s how it works:
If you have a need, look at the list below and contact the individual directly.  You will inspect the piece of equipment and you will determine if it meets your needs.  It is up to you to make that decision.   It is also up to you to return the item in good condition.  When you have agreed to borrow an item, the lender will email  so the list can be updated with “On Loan”.

Neither the person lending the item, nor anyone associated with this website warrants or guarantees that the item is suitable for you nor is there any responsibility if you are injured while using the item. 
The BGCC does not endorse the use of equipment or device, has not inspected the equipment or device, and makes no representation of any kind regarding the condition or use of the equipment for any particular condition or malady.
Contacting a person means that you agree to these terms.

Click on the following to open and print a Release Form to be completed by the borrower.

If you are borrowing an item on the recommendation of a health-care professional, please bring the item to them so they can adjust it for you.
If you are borrowing something for a return from hospital, make sure that you bring the item to the hospital so that the resident physiotherapist can adjust it properly – this is Very important!

When you have finished with the item (or the owner now requires it themselves), return the item and the lender will send another email to so the equipment can be re-listed as Available.

If you have an item in good (not perfect) condition and you wish to be added to the list below, just send an email to the usual

Medical Equipment for Loan
Air Boot - left - women's 6.5-7Nazima Mirzanazmirza@hotmail.comAvailable
1 sitz bath
2 adjustable canes
1 crutch
1 more shower seat.
4 shower seats. + 2 on loan
2 raised toilet seats +1 on loan
1 folding walker with 2 small wheels and 2 legs +1 on loan
3 more wheeled walkers
5 wheeled walkers,foldable +1 on loan
2 wheelchairs with cushions, (one is a transfer chair with small wheels)
Portable Bed Rail
Lynne Balfourbalfourbill@hotmail.comAvailable
Lynne BalfourAvailable
Crutches aluminium, 5' 10" or underDennis Carterdwcarter@rogers.comAvailable
Cushions - raised - 4Carron Canningcarron.canning@sympatico.caAvailable
GrasperCarron Canningcarron.canning@sympatico.caAvailable
Knee Scooter (Google it!)Mark Gilesgiles@campgreenacres.comAvailable
Shoe horn - long handledCarron Canningcarron.canning@sympatico.caAvailable
Shower stall seat - elongatedJune Dyerj.dyer19@sympatico.caAvailable
Shower stall seat - smallJune Dyerj.dyer19@sympatico.caAvailable
Shower stoolCarron Canningcarron.canning@sympatico.caAvailable
Sock AidCarron Canningcarron.canning@sympatico.caAvailable
Sponge on a stick - longCarron Canningcarron.canning@sympatico.caAvailable
Toilet seat - raised (2)Carron Canningcarron.canning@sympatico.caAvailable
Toilet Seat - raised - no armsJune Dyerj.dyer19@sympatico.caAvailable
Toilet Seat - raised with armsJune Dyerj.dyer19@sympatico.caAvailable
Walker - adjustable - not on wheelsJune Dyerj.dyer19@sympatico.caAvailable
Walker with wheels and seating (2)Dennis Carterdwcarter@rogers.comAvailable
Walker with wheels light weight (folding)Dennis Carterdwcarter@rogers.comAvailable