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This page provides all the golf-related activities at BGCC in one location.


All golf activities are listed in Ladies Golf League page, Tuesday Men’s Golf page,   Resident Organized Activities page as well as Events Calendar.

The following message is from Tanya McGee of Ballantrae Golf Club:

As you know, we offer a complimentary warm-up basket with each paid green fee.  This basket is offered for you to warm up PRIOR to your game only.  If you don’t have time prior to your tee time, please do not take a basket.  Taking baskets with the intent of hitting them “later” is strictly prohibited.  At no time should the basket or the range balls be removed from the clubhouse/range areas.  Some residents seem to think that it is ok to take a basket home “to hit at another time”.  IT IS NOT OK!  We work very hard to keep our prices reasonable but it becomes very difficult when people continually steal from us.  We have lost 19 small baskets in less than 3 weeks.  If you have range balls or baskets at your home, please return them to us.  If your neighbours have range balls or baskets, please encourage them to return them.  If they don’t return them, call us.  We will contact them directly.  If we don’t have a substantial number of baskets returned, we will be forced to cancel the complimentary bucket program.