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BSG 2015

Lawn Bowling


This year, the lawn bowlers got a jump on the activities and headed into the medal round on Friday, August 2.  Seasoned bowlers joined with brand new bowlers in triples and pairs teams to play off for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

The winners this year were:

Triples:    Condo 3, Gold:  Donna Powers, Kay Corlett, Jeane May

                     Condo 1, Silver:  Jeanne Christie, Pina Guerriero, Rob Anderson

                     Condo 4, Bronze:  Val Innes, Michael Koscec, Sky Flotron

Pairs:      Condo 5, Gold:  Gary Davis, Keith Phillips

                   Condo 3, Silver:  Margaret and Fritz Haefele

                   Condo 4, Bronze:  Ian Innes, Carol Enright

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