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BSG 2015



Women\’s Pickleball Doubles:
Gold Medal: Karen Hewitt (Condo 1) and Leslee Common (Condo 1).
Silver Medal: Gigi Fisher (Condol) and Carron Canning (Condo 5).
Bronze Medal: Shirley Hughes (Condo 5) and Betty Miller (Condo 5).

Men\’s Pickleball Doubles:
Gold Medal: Dennis Carter (Condo 5) and Upkar Sappal ( Condo 5).
Silver Medal: Glen Fisher (Condo 1) and Ronny Chan (Condol).
Bronze Medal: William Orr (Condo 2) and Bob Clarke (Condo 1).

Mixed Pickleball Doubles:
Gold Medal: GlenFisher (Condo 1) and Karren Hewitt (Condo 1).
Silver Medal: Dennis Carter (Condo 5) and Carron Canning (Condo 5).
Bronze Medal: Gigi Fisher (Condo 1) and Slavko Radek (Condo 1).

BGCC Pickleball Rules for the 2019 Summer Games

Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles

Registration will be at 8:00 AM on Monday, August 19.

Each Condo can provide one team in each category. e.g. one Men’s Double team, one Women’s Double team, one Mixed Double Team.  Play downs to establish the teams that are to represent each Condo should be done before the finals are conducted. 

The Pickleball event will be a Round Robin Format.  Each team will play all other teams in their bracket once. Each game will be first to 11 points, win by one point.

At the end of the round robin, the team with the most POINTS wins.

If the total point score is tied at the end of the round robin, the winner will be determined by a one game playoff to 9 points, win by one point.


The Pickleball Event will follow the USAPA rules.

Balls will be Onix pickleballs.

The Players will call the score and out of bound lines, there will not be a referee. Two 30 second time out will be allowed for each team per game. Please submit your scores to the score keeper at the end of each match.


Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be presented to the winners in each category.

For a printable version click/tap: Pickleball 2019