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Resident Supported Charities

Many residents volunteer or are involved with charities, and is happy to pass this information along to you. 

Below is information they would like to share. If you are interested in learning more or contributing to a cause, please contact the resident directly.

Many residents would like to donate gently used items to charities.

Click Where to Donate to find various locations in the area

99 African Refugess are in need of help, see details here.


Hummingbird Hub is a non-profit organization providing a home to community-based organizations, initiatives, and support networks. We are working on developing programs to help fill some of the gaps in Stouffville, to build lasting social change in our fast-growing community. 

From securing warm shelter and meals for the homeless and hungry (leading to the creation of a formal food security program and community garden) to establishing a STEAM program for Stouffville and educational supports for kids struggling with the new virtual landscape of education, to providing an affordable and accessible pop-up space for local crafters and incubating numerous new business initiatives, artisans and vendors, from kickstarting a direct and low-cost delivery program for local restaurants and merchants, and to ensuring seniors suffering from isolation felt acknowledged and loved during the holidays, we’ve spent all of the past few years immersing our efforts into the immediate needs of Stouffville.

MacMillans Fundraising

Donations Needed for Southlake & Markham Stouffville Hospitals

May 21:  Donations needed!  Both Markham Stouffville Hospital and Southlake have an ongoing need for funds, especially for PPE for front line staff and ventilators for patients affected by the Covid-19 virus.  To make your donation to Markham Stouffville, click on the MSH Foundation website.  For donations to Southlake, click on the Southlake Foundation.

Second Chance Wildlife Sanctuary

Their mission is to help homeless and needy cats.  As a no-kill shelter, currently SCWS is home to some 180 cats.

They are a Government of Canada registered charity.  They receive no government money and depend entirely on donations.

Check their website for more information and ways you can help:

Or contact Rita at

Updated Feb 2020