Safety minute: When one minute of reading could save your life

Inspired by talking to my firefighter friends, Robert Head and Dennis Carter, periodically I will add to my lifestyle blog brief tips for safety in our Ballantrae community. There are so many facets to our conversations that hopefully I can address a few of them over time. I am sure will find these as useful and exciting as I do.

For our first topic consider the fact that most people in our community are seniors and at risk of falling. So why should falling be of concern to yourself or your neighbours? Because approximately fifty percent of falls occur in and around the home. (1) Trouble with your balance and gait or falls in the past year are the biggest risk factors therefore inform your family physician regarding these challenges min order to be screened for treatable causes. (2) Risk assessment and management of falls in the elderly are managed by multidisciplinary teams including nutritionists, physicians, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists to name a few. (3,4)


Because of the number of falls around our homes you may wish to consider getting help with strength training and taking balance classes in our community center with Dana and installing railings. Art Stephan has installed many safety railings in our neighbourhood, and should you wish to consider his services you may contact him at

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