Smart Technology Club meeting – Mar 21, 2023

Our first Smart Technology Club meeting will be held next Tuesday March 21 from 7:30PM until 9:00PM in the large Centre Room of our Recreation Centre.  The objective of our new group is to provide the residents of BGCC with an opportunity to discover and learn more about a vast array of Smart devices we use today or may consider using in the future.  Next Tuesday’s agenda is planned to include the following topics:

  1. From time to time we all encounter the need to scan a physical item such as a document, receipt or photo in order to save or send it as an electronic file.   Unfortunately,  we do this so seldom that we never really get any good at it nor even remember how to do it!   Now you can finally forget that complicated process involving your computer and printer.  Brian is going to walk us through an application that makes this process so much simpler – and with professional results – by just using your iPad, iPhone or Android device.
  2. Many of us take regular blood pressure readings to track our health in this area.  Since you need to record the results for comparison, you have to make sure you have a pad and pencil available to write down the information for possible reference in the future with your doctor.  You may also wonder about the condition of the battery in your unit as it does take a fair amount of power to pump up the sleeve.  Then you are probably thinking of taking multiple readings to feel more at ease about the accuracy of the device and your use of it.  Or, you may be planning to go to Shoppers Drug Mart in Stouffville if your unit is acting up.  You may also be thinking “There must be a better way”!  Well, there is a better way and Al will show you it in action at the session.
  3. Air Fryers were a hot Christmas gift for many folks this year, but in Al’s family, the focus was on a much smaller but very hi-tech device.  In fact, reviews on this one often refer to it as the Ultimate in its category.  Well, what is it?  You will have to attend the Smart Technology Club meeting to find out!
  4. Finally, time permitting, Brian would like to show you a real turn off— literally! 

Please arrive early for best seating near the front.  We have requested the chairs be well spaced for social distancing.

Brian and are looking forward to seeing all our Computer Club members and meeting new folks as well.  Remember, our group is free for all BGCC residents and their friends to attend and no membership is required. You might consider inviting a new resident on your street to attend with you or forward this email to them as they may not know about our club yet.

See you on the 21st!

Al (PC Doctor)

Brian (Ballantrae Geek)