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BSG 2015



Mixed  A Doubles

Gold: John Allardyce & Elfie Soete – Condo 2
Silver: Richard Touzalin & Gigi Fisher – Condo 1
Bronze: Garry Stoddart & Donna Whibbs – Condo 2

Mixed  B Doubles

Gold: Rennie Wittenbols & Geri Flotron – Condo 4
Silver: Upkar Sappal & Carron Canning – Condo 5

Men\’s A Doubles

Gold: Glen Fisher & Richard Touzalin – Condo 1
Silver: John Allardyce – Condo 2 & Brian Freedman – Condo 3
Bronze: Brian Browne & Garry Stoddart – Condo 2

Men\’s B Doubles

Gold: Ray Briggs & Rennie Wittenbols – Condo 4
Silver: Upkar Sapal & Sam La Rosa- Condo 5
Bronze: Art Sanders & William Orr – Condo 2

Ladies A Doubles

Gold: Ginette Fisher – Condo 1 & Geri Flotron – Condo 4
Silver: Elfie Soete – Condo 2 & Donna Whibbs – Condo 2

Ladies B Doubles

Gold: Carron Canning & Florence Yu – Condo 5
Silver: Karen Clark & Donna Clark – Condo 1


Tennis Format: Playing Regulations and Schedule

  • As of August 3 a number of situations (low entries and some conflict within the Ballantrae schedules for other sports we will be moving forward as follows:
  • Ladies A (Condo 1 – Gigi F/Geri F will go directly to the Medal Round against Condo 2 Elfie S/Donna W August 19 from 1-3).
  • Mens A (Condo 1 – Glen F/Richard W, will go directly to the Medal Round against Condo 2 Lowell D/John A and representing Condo 3 Brian B/ Garry S August 21 from 9-11).
  • Mens B (Condo 1 Al T/Bob H will go directly to the Medal Round against Condo 2 Art S/William O, Condo 4 Ray B/Rennie W, Condo 5 Upkar S/Sam L August 20 9-11.
  • Ladies B (Condo 1 Donna C/Karen C will go directly to the Medal Round against Condo 5 Carron C/Florence Y August 21 from 2-4).
  • Mixed A (Condo 1 Richard T/Gigi F will go directly to the Medal Round against Condo 2 John A/Elfie S and Garry S/Donna W on August 23 from 2-4).
  • Mixed B (Condo 4 Geri F/Rennie W will go directly to the Medal Round against Condo 5 Florence Y/Upkar S on August 23 from 2-4).

Round Robin Format for all games above:
– Each Condo team in Division A and B will play each other team within their division once. Note: some divisions have only 2 teams while others have 3 or 4 teams due to enrolment.

Maximum warm up time of five minutes.

First in on only the first service of the day for each player.

– Pro set matches will be played for all Divisions:

Play to 8 games (win by 2) and if tied 8-8, a seven point tie-breaker will be played.
First Deuce played out, then sudden death. Receivers choose will receive.
With those divisions with 3 or 4 Teams – if top 2 teams are tied, a 10 point tie breaker will be played. First to 10 only wins.

– Substitutions
If for any reason, players through injury or personal matters are unable to play, the Team Committee will resolve to ensure other team player(s) are able to continue.

Note: Players have to provide ample notice to allow the Team Committee to make this happen.

*All Players are asked to be present and ready to play 15 minutes before their scheduled matches.


BSG Tennis Committee – 2019

Sport Captain Garry Stoddart 640-5553
Condo 1 Vacant    
Condo 2 Brian Browne 591-2408
Condo 3 Vacant    
Condo 4 Antonio Fernandez Stoll 927-0004
Condo 5 Vicki Carter

Carron Canning


For a printable copy click on: BSG 2019 Tennis Format.