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Trade Referrals

Say Peter, were you happy with the work that plumber did in your basement?
Would you mind giving me his name?
That’s what this page is about.  Everyone on this page is here because one of your neighbours has had a good experience with them – that’s all.

If you have a referral you would like to add, please email the details to

Your experience should be reasonably recent and Ballantrae should be within the tradesman’s normal area of service.

If a firm cleans or repairs items e.g. carpets, it means that the firm provides pick-up and delivery as part of their service.

Neither your neighbour nor anyone associated with this website guarantees that you will be equally pleased.  A listing comes with no guarantee, warranty or any other form of legal liability.  If you contact anyone listed on this page, you are assuming all responsibility for ultimately engaging them to work for you.

Note that this web page is divided into 2 groups:

  • The first group starting with Airport Transportation are general trades that you may need from time to time.
  • The second group starting with Basement Renovations are trades involved in renovations and repairs to your house.   Some of these categories, such as Basement Renovations and Garages, have sub-categories within.

Just click on the category and look through the drop-down list.